Integrity Payments Group

Integrity Payments Group

Integrity Payments Group handles payment processing for lenders and loan servicing companies.  Debit and credit card, ACH and e-check merchant accounts for lenders and loan servicers.   Features Include: • Brokers & Professional Services Companies: Get your fees quicker. • Consumer & Business Installment Lenders: Seamlessly debit and credit your customers’ accounts. • Crowdfunding Platforms: […]


PAYMENT SERVICES Payliance offers a comprehensive range of payment services to eCommerce, Retail + Franchises, Lending, Education + Government, Restaurants, and Collections. ACH Processing Control your payments and streamline your operations. eCheck Processing Give your customers more ways to pay. RCC Processing Gain the advantages of remotely created checks. Credit Card Processing Accept major credit […]

Pay Here Network

The PayHereNetwork is a leading provider of walk-in bill pay. Our straightforward solutions enable retailers to increase their customer base, profits and marketability. If you want to be the go-to place for cash bill payments in your area, we can help you get there. Why Partner with the PayHereNetwork? Our services make cash bill pay […]

Advantage ACH

Secure Payment Systems (“SPS”) introduced “Enterprise ACH” in 2012, a client configurable Enterprise ACH system that enables users to meet the challenging world of ACH processing. Since 1996, SPS has been a leader in electronic transaction processing, and in 2017 originated over 18.5 million ACH transactions in the U.S. and Canada, the grand total having an […]

Sterling Payments

If you are interested in accepting PIN based debit cards we have a solution for you.  With this solution you can accept loan payments, and allow your customers to buy any of your products and services using their debit card.   Since these are PIN based debit card transactions there are virtually no charge backs. Accept […]


A New Way to Pay. With hundreds of thousands of retail and reload locations, NexsCard is always close by. Enjoy one-on-one support and instant card replacement at your local NexsCard retailer.NexsCard offers a mobile app, exceptional in-house, US-based customer support and early access to your government benefits. Who We Are NexsCard is powered by Prepaid […]


Payment Processing with Viking gives you a flexible and affordable payment solutions provider. With data reporting tools and a customizable interface, you can brand the experience to align with your company and your customers’ needs. With Viking Client Services’ standards for security and user experience, our payment processing assures your customers a timely and reliable solution. […]


ACHWorks is a provider of sophisticated payment technology that facilitates the processing of commercial transactions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. Our proprietary systems and software provide businesses secure and robust access to the ACH Network, either through flexible interface and integration to existing accounting platforms, as a function of software provided by our […]


Usio is the only broad-industry focused Nacha Certified sender. Ultimately, we provide greater funding control with same-day funding and late cutoff via multiple originating depository financial institutions (ODFIs). Through constant innovation, Usio ACH allows you to move money to or from any US bank account at a fraction of the cost of credit card processing. We’re also […]


Alternative Payments International, LLC. (API) a division of US Alliance Group, offers a variety of alternative payment processing solutions allowing merchants and developers to accept credit card, debit card and online payments. Operating out of locations in Orange County, API provides end-to-end payment processing solutions tailored for small business owners and large financial institutions alike. […]