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Tier3 loan management system has the configuration, compliance, and easy to use functionality to create any number of consumer loan products. Single payments, installment, auto title, for both storefront and online lenders.

Automated warnings, integrated credit reporting agencies, and highly configurable loan parameters makes creating a new loan easy, properly documented, compliant, and fast.

Do you want to see how a specific loan type is handled in Tier3?  Contact us today and we’ll configure our system with the loan parameters required for your specific needs and demonstrate how easy it is to process transactions.  We’ll also show you how easy it is to configure your loan documents, so they are automatically generated with the transaction.

Taking payments for existing loans and working with bad debt are all part of the Tier3 core loan management system.

Flexible Loan Types

Tier3 loan management system supports an unlimited number of loan types. With our Loan Design Engine, virtually any variety of single pay, installment loan, title loan, or internet lending can be configured. Customer data is shared throughout the enterprise – across multiple product types, states, internet, and brick and mortar.


Compliance is a core component throughout the Tier3 LMS. With longevity and durability in mind, the system was designed to be configurable to allow for operation in any jurisdiction and accommodate multiple layers of regulation – federal, state, local and any other that may be applicable. A built-in compliance portal and reporting tools will allow for streamlined audits, as well.

Payment Processing

In today’s difficult regulatory environment, it’s more important than ever to have multiple payment processing types.  Tier3 handles ACH, Debit, Credit, RCC, RCPO and other types out of the box. Additionally, new payment processors can be easily added with Tier3’s Payment Framework™ for virtually any API.


Tier3 includes wide variety of built-in reports to support all loan types, as well as a report creation tool that allows the design of user-defined, fully-customized forms for any location, region, or user-defined group of stores.


With the integrated Tier3 ScoreMaster™ decisioning matrix, an infinite number of criteria can be measured to determine an applicant’s creditworthiness. Credit score, lead provider performance, ability to repay, and other data points are utilized in creating a custom scorecard that will become the secret sauce.


Recovering delinquent capital is as much a part of the lending business as is originating the loan. The Tier3 collection tools manage the complete life cycle or the debt from delinquency to disposition. Leverage the collection module to maximize profitability while ensuring compliance to applicable laws.

Let’s talk about how Tier3 can help you achieve your success.

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  • Seamless Credit Reporting Integration
  • Loan Wizard - Create Any Loan Type for Specific Locations and/or States.
  • Integrated Text - Two Way in App Texting
  • Collections Management System
  • Lead Genie - Integrated Rules Engine - Duplicate Lead Blocker- Filtering
  • 360, 365 APR - Single Payment - CSO - Title - Mobile Options
  • Unlimited Reporting Capabilities & Analytics
  • Data Security - Data Encryption - Secure Server Technology
  • Optimized Log In - Active Directory - Biometric - Configurable Password Rules