Our service provides the ability to verify a borrower’s identity, bank account number and balance in real-time. It also provides access to up to 365-days of borrowers’ bank account transaction history with a layer of advanced analytics that lead the industry. This automated real-time process empowers you to make fast and accurate decisions critical to the […]


It’s time to reach the millions of customers you’ve been missing. It’s a new world out there. Shifting demographics. Changing spending habits. Non-traditional metrics. Big risk. Unprecedented opportunity. Accelitas is made for the times. Delivering unique expertise in AI-powered predictive analytics, alternative data, and real-time automation, our proven solutions help lenders make smarter decisions at […]


Assessing creditworthiness has been a tedious chore for lenders, especially when it comes to first-time borrowers. Lenders need to collect data from different sources, review inconsistencies, not to mention manually calculate cash flow. Flinks can accelerate your underwriting by up to 30%*. We transform transaction data into real-time insights focusing on income, risk, and fraud. […]


Traditional risk metrics fall short for nearly half the U.S. Almost half the U.S. population is unserved or underserved by traditional risk scoring methods that look only at past payments and balances of credit accounts as a proxy for future risk. By looking beyond a credit score, Edge provides insight into financial activities and behaviors […]


Advanced Reporting that identifies your most profitable customers. Our lending cloud, Decision Cloud, offers leading real-time data services. These services provide private lenders access to ‘Insights’ of their borrowers before they invest. Our services provide underwriting and analytical information to lenders, so that they can determine the most profitable, ROI-driven decision. Through the power of technology, these data […]


No one knows alternative credit like we do. For over 40 years MicroBilt has been helping business assess and manage risk. We were a pioneer in the now exploding alternative credit data space and as such have refined our products and services to deliver true business value. Today Microbilt is a registered consumer credit reporting […]


Information at it’s best. It is at the core of every smart decision. It drives strategy, solutions, revenue and ultimately success. It is only logical that you would want it to come from a superior source. CoreLogic® is the company financial services and real estate professionals turn to for comprehensive data, analytics and services. Powerful […]


Alternative Credit Data & Risk Management for the Under-banked Consumer Market Integrate quickly and easily via open standards to access FactorTrust’s LendProtectTM Score, Solutions, Data and Technology. FactorTrust’s consultative team of Experts will help customize your solution through our intuitive user interface, to enable you to process applications and optimize performance easily. Leverage our world […]


DataX provides a comprehensive suite of real time credit and debit reporting, and data verification services that benefit companies and lenders serving the non-prime market. The insights gleaned from DataX’s services equip businesses to manage risk proactively, safeguard customers from fraud, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase revenue opportunities. Rely on DataX, the most robust […]

Clarity Services

Clarity’s data sources of alternative financial services providers include: check cashers, debit card issuers, prepaid card issuers, short term installment lenders, peer-to-peer micro lenders, title loans, internet payday lenders, buy-here-pay-here auto dealers, collection agencies, and more. The Clarity System was created with the crucial and rapidly changing requirements of the alternative lending market in mind. […]