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PowerCheck32 - Payday Loan Software

Payday Loans

Get immediate access to the information you need when you need it … with PowerCheck Payday Loan Software!

Comprehensive, integrated, yet highly flexible, PowerCheck can be custom tailored to meet the needs of any financial center operation. The PowerCheck payday loan software module monitors productivity and performance by providing you with the tools you need and management reporting that allow you to forecast results and make important management decisions when they’re needed, rather than after problems occur. With PowerCheck32 software on your team, you’re in control. You’ll increase yield and reduce returns because you have immediate access to a full menu of management and reporting tools, including;

Payday Loan Software Management Tools
  • CoreLogic
  • MicroBilt
  • Veritec
  • Configurable discounts
  • Flexible rate tables
  • Buybacks, buy downs, and rollovers
  • Rebates
  • Grace period
  • Payment plan integration
  • Rollover transaction fee
  • Minimum and maximum length of loan
  • Linked limits with spouse capability
  • Maximum amount based on a percentage of income
  • Full loan history on transaction screen
  • ACH abilities
  • Customer Approval Program
  • Maximum limits for multiple loans
  • Extend to internet lending
Payday Loan Software Reporting Tools
  • Payday advance activity report
  • Payday advance inventory report
  • Payday Advance audit report
  • Payment plan report
  • Past due report

Let PowerCheck put you in control to propel your profits with the most advanced payday loan software module available today!

Installment Loans

PowerCheck is your “one stop shop” for all your installment lending programs.

The PowerCheck installment loan software module is the most innovative and user friendly software on the market today, allowing you maximize your performance, productivity and profits.

Feature rich, yet highly flexible, PowerCheck can be molded to fit any business procedure and every market condition. Designed to increase yield, minimize risk and reduce losses, from start to finish, PowerCheck keeps track of all your installment loans, including customer profiles, loan generation activity and payment history, as well as collection activity, sales, performance and marketing opportunities. Some of the comprehensive features offered in the PowerCheck Financial Center Installment Lending Module include;

Installment Lending Tools
  • ACH ability
  • Grace period
  • Full loan history on transaction screen
  • Configurable limits
  • Fee adjustment
  • Minimum and maximum length of loan
  • Maximum amount based on a percentage of income
  • Direct integration with the collections module
  • Cool down period between loans
  • Interest, fee and rate tables
  • Multiple concurrent loans
  • APR calculation engine used by banks, mortgage companies, and finance companies

Increase your financial center’s performance, productivity in profits today! With PowerCheck on your team, success is just a simple call or click away!

Auto Title Loans

Take your Auto Title Loan Business to the next level with PowerCheck Financial Management Software!

Want to take your auto title loan business to the next level? PowerCheck can help you do it with the most feature rich auto title loan software module available today.

Fully integrated, yet highly flexible, PowerCheck can be configured to meet your individual business needs. You can customize loan limits, rebates, fees, rate tables, loan rollovers, discounts, vehicle condition ratings, and even produce contracts and truth in lending documents to conform to your State and individual business requirements. Compliance is never a problem with PowerCheck on your team. Here are just a few of the robust features provided in the title loan module of the PowerCheck Financial Center Management Software.

Title Loan Software Tools:
  • Max loan amount with or without insurance
  • Number of outstanding TL allowed
  • Number of rollovers allowed
  • Force a % buy down on the third rollover
  • Grace period
  • Rate table for fees
  • Rollover transaction fee
  • Minimum and maximum length of loans
  • Minimum days between loans
  • Maximum amount based on a percentage of income
  • Configurable required vehicle informatio

With PowerCheck on your team, you’ll capture data seamlessly, so you can evaluate and make important management decisions when you need to. You’ll also be able to effortlessly forecast future business conditions and profitability by individual or group in both summary and levels.

Title Loan Reports:
  • Open title loans report
  • Past due title loans report
  • Title loan activity report
  • Management summary report
  • Title Loan MTD Summary repor

Why not increase the performance and profitability of your auto title loan business with PowerCheck today?

Internet Lending

Maximize reach, frequency and profits with POWERCHECKWEB!

Operating a web-based financial center can be rewarding but it can also be very challenging. Because even though your universe of customers is global, complying with State regulations everywhere you conduct business can also be overwhelming. At Answers etc, we know that marketing, underwriting, processing, reporting and regulatory compliance is important. That’s why we designed POWERCHECKWEB, the most comprehensive internet based financial center management tool available today.

Custom tailored for the internet based financial services provider, POWERCHECKWEB integrates all aspects of your internet based business, allowing you the ability to review, approve or deny your loans directly from the PowerCheck platform, allowing your loans to flow directly into your existing collections module as well as develop and maintain your online business from any location, anywhere in the world with any internet connection.

Online Lending Software Module Options Include:
  • Customized Lending Website – tailored to your brand identity
  • Integration with top lead generators
  • Automatic scoring via CL Verify or Selling Source integration
  • Customizable underwriting matrix
  • Back-end transaction processing
  • Customers flow directly into your brick and mortar store central database for convenient transaction handling
  • Hosting provided by Answers, etc. at our secure web hosting facility

Convenient for your customers, convenience for you!

While many customers may be too embarrassed to walk into a brick and mortar store, they’re comfortable applying online, which is why today more than ever, the world-wide-web has become a major source of business opportunity. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and make internet based lending also convenient for you?