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Point of Sale

Smart Grid Technology

Smart Grid technology gives you the power of a true point of sale software system with the most intuitive design available in any financial services platform. Sell any product or service in Tier3 and the profit, liability, and costs are tracked on the back end automatically and easily exported to your favorite accounting solution. Barcode scanning solutions available as well.

Point of sale software for money orders, wires, bill payments, top ups, prepaid debit cards and more keep transactions fast and secure while providing additional profit centers to you. We never stop working for you and have new innovations and integrations in our pipeline at all times.

Inventory control

Easily configure any product or service as an inventoried item which can be tracked by location or user.

Fluid design

Sell any  number of products and services in a single transaction with Tier3’s point of sale software.  Easy to learn and fun to use.

Unlimited service types

Unmatched flexibility.  Complex transactions made easy.