Advantage ACH

Secure Payment Systems (“SPS”) introduced “Enterprise ACH” in 2012, a client configurable Enterprise ACH system that enables users to meet the challenging world of ACH processing. Since 1996, SPS has been a leader in electronic transaction processing, and in 2017 originated over 18.5 million ACH transactions in the U.S. and Canada, the grand total having an aggregate value of more than $19 billion.

Enterprise ACH Key Features Include:

Processing Capabilities:
  • Supports PPD, CCD, BOC, ARC, WEB and POP entry codes
  • Processing 7 days a week
  • Multiple Origination windows
  • Configurable Settlement windows
  • Multiple Return windows
  • Redundant ODFIs
  • Support for self-risk Origination (customer’s bank)
  • Real time online reporting
  • Custom reporting with SFTP support
  • Accounting integration for automated reconciliation
  • SOC I and II certified
  • Redundant Data Centers with automatic fail over
  • 99.999% up time for the previous 36 months

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