In both brick and mortar and web based environments, PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB software is simple, secure and successful.

Propel Your Profits with PowerCheck32

In both brick and mortar and web based environments, PowerCheck32 is simple to use, secure, and and will help you succeed. And with fully integrated automation, you can simultaneously and seamlessly perform any number of functions in one single transaction, including check cashing, loan processing, money order sales and debit card loads.

Check Cashing

Check cashing is fast, simple and secure with the PowerCheck32 check cashing systems.

Payday Advance Systems

PowerCheck has everything you need to run a successful payday lending operation.

Installment Loans

Flexibility allows you to custom tailor loan programs with your specific customers in mind.

Auto Title Loan

Manage your title loan business with accuracy, ease and flexibility with PowerCheck.

Simplicity | Security | Success

More Features

  •  Collections Module: PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB include a completely integrated collections module. With it, you can create an unlimited number of collection letters, collect payments, assess return fees, bank charges and more. This full featured collections module gives you the power of a comprehensive collections package that can support and help you grow, whether you’re a single location, or a large scale centralized corporate environment.
  • Balancing: As individual tellers balance their drawers, PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB generate an end of day store balance sheet. Deposit slips are produced for individual or groups of tellers, and because all transactions are based on general ledger numbers, end of day numbers can be exported to third party accounting programs like QuickBooks.
  • Inventory Control: Track inventoried items in your vault and teller drawers. PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB financial center management software keeps track of cost and profit for your entire portfolio.
  • Cash Management: Track cash and checks in all your locations. You’ll see real time cash inventories by denomination, individual teller drawer detail, and overall in-store cash totals. Multi-store cash reports also give you a bird’s eye view of your cash flow needs throughout your entire financial center system.
  • Security: No other financial center management software can match the security of PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB. With features like dual approval, teller, client and issuer payout limits, password expiration, and the ability to create an unlimited number of security protocols, you decide who gets access to any part of the PowerCheck application.

In a nutshell, PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB financial center management software features:

  • High Speed Check Cashing
  • Payday Advance and Title Loan Automation
  • Automated Truth in Lending and Contract Printing
  • Tracks All Customer and Maker Data
  • Customer Photo and Signature Retention
  • Micr and Drivers License Readers
  • Check Imaging
  • Automated Money Order Printing for Travelers Express and Western Union
  • Customizable and Flexible Transaction Analysis
  • Integrated Teller and Vault Balancing Tools
  • Multi-Level Password Protection
  • Full General Ledger with QuickBooks Interface
  • Automatic Sales Tax Tracking
  • Remote Access from Anywhere at Anytime

Using PowerCheck and POWERCHECKWEB is a breeze, and because every module is fully integrated, information is compiled throughout the entire application. In many cases, one click does it all, saving you and your employee’s valuable time and effort. And, as everyone knows, saving time translates into saved money. Propel your profits with PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB. Put the speed, reliability and security of real-time financial center management to work for you today with PowerCheck32 and POWERCHECKWEB. Why not call or click today?

Take a deeper dive into some of the modules you’ll have access to when using PowerCheck. Let us be your partner in success.

Reduce risk and losses with PowerCheck32 check cashing software!

With PowerCheck32 check cashing software, establishing check types and fees is fast and easy. With more than a dozen modifiable management tools at your fingertips, each PowerCheck32 module can be custom tailored to meet your individual business needs. The PowerCheck32 check cashing module even includes multi-sided digital check imaging and high security protocols are maintained because PowerCheck32 gives you the ability to take and store photo’s of every customer transaction.

Get immediate access to the information you need when you need it … with PowerCheck32 Financial Center Management Software!

Comprehensive, integrated, yet highly flexible, PowerCheck32 can be custom tailored to meet the needs of any financial center operation. The PowerCheck32 payday advance module monitors productivity and performance by providing you with the tools you need and management reporting that allow you to forecast results and make important management decisions when they’re needed, rather than after problems occur. With PowerCheck32 software on your team, you’re in control. You’ll increase yield and reduce returns because you have immediate access to a full menu of management and reporting tools.

PowerCheck is your “one stop shop” for all your installment lending programs. The PowerCheck32 installment lending module is the most innovative and user friendly software on the market today, allowing you maximize your performance, productivity and profits.

Feature rich, yet highly flexible, PowerCheck can be molded to fit any business procedure and every market condition. Designed to increase yield, minimize risk and reduce losses, from start to finish, PowerCheck keeps track of all your installment loans, including customer profiles, loan generation activity and payment history, as well as collection activity, sales, performance and marketing opportunities. Some of the comprehensive features offered in the PowerCheck Financial Center Installment Lending Module.

Take your Auto Title Loan Business to the next level with PowerCheck32 Financial Management Software!

Want to take your auto title loan business to the next level? PowerCheck32 can help you do it with the most feature rich auto title loan module available today.

Fully integrated, yet highly flexible, PowerCheck32 can be configured to meet your individual business needs. You can customize loan limits, rebates, fees, rate tables, loan rollovers, discounts, vehicle condition ratings, and even produce contracts and truth in lending documents to conform to your State and individual business requirements. Compliance is never a problem with PowerCheck32 on your team. Here are just a few of the robust features provided in the title loan module of the PowerCheck32 Financial Center Management Software.